Biblical Suicide


Christ came and died so that we may not perish but have ever lasting life. (You must except Jesus as your personal redeemer)
Forgiving our sins so that we may be seen worthy to enter into the Kingdom. The Kingdom (Domain) will be here on Earth.
You need to know that Satan and his angels return first to deceive the World into believing that he is Christ.
The Beast is the political system. (One World System) Satan will make an image of the Beast (One World System)and give it power to speak and cause everyone great & small to worship that image or me put to death. This is the Mark.
One you will believe this is Christ, taking the Mark in your forehead. (Not ON as many versions of the bible state but IN. Look to Kings James Version) Meaning in your mind, you believe.
Or you will be part of the system, (One World System) wanting to work, buy, sale or trade. What do you use to work? Your hands, so in your hand or works.
Two witnesses will be sent by GOD. They will cause plagues upon the Earth. When they are killed, three days will pass and they will rise. This is when the true Jesus returns.